Can an air purifier help you during a heat wave?

Can an air purifier help you during a heat wave?

As heatwaves become more frequent and more intense, we receive the same question every summer: can a purifier provide any benefits in times of high heat?

Let's start by recalling that a heat wave is a strong level of heat that lasts for at least three consecutive days.

An air purifier: the promise of healthier air

An air purifier, as the name suggests, helps purify the air we breathe. Indeed, even if we do not see it, the ambient air is composed of different gases, but it also contains fine particles, germs, and moulds, pollens, chemical pollutants and other pollutants. Only the largest particles of dust can be seen with the naked eye (i.e. when a ray of sunlight enters a room through a very fine slit).

However, a heat increase is very often accompanied by a pollution increase. Sunlight and heat greatly promote the formation of ozone and fine particles from human-caused emissions. The phenomenon is all the more dramatic in large cities such as London, Birmingham, and Manchester where urban concentration and human activities naturally generate more heat and pollution and where the height of buildings tends to trap hot and polluted air.

In addition, many materials (concrete, bitumen, etc.) used in large quantities in cities have heat-capturing qualities. This has the effect of worsening the high levels of heat and pollution in cities: hot, polluted air remains trapped there for a longer period of time and is exacerbated by heat and pollutants from human activities.

It is important to emphasise that an air purifier is not an air conditioner, or even a dehumidifier, and is not intended to reduce the ambient temperature or the humidity level. On the contrary, 2- or 3-in-1 devices are counterproductive because they experience large variations in temperature and humidity, which can damage the fibres of the filters.

The benefit of an air purifier is, therefore, to help you fight against pollution, knowing that outdoor pollution always finds its way into our homes and, on average, our indoor air is 4-5 times more polluted than the outside air.

It is also important to stress that an air purifier will give you its best performance only if it is sized correctly and if the size is right for your home. The larger the space, the more powerful the air purifier will need to be.

Heatwaves: when air purifiers facilitate air circulation

The action of an air purifier is not just limited to removing air pollutants. It also allows the purified air to better circulate in the room. A high-quality purifier can renew the air of a vast volume in just a few minutes.

AIRVIA Medical air purifiers, with their airplane turbine shape, are specially designed to optimise air circulation. Effective air circulation will have multiple benefits during a heat wave: firstly, it naturally helps to rid the air of the pollution that accompanies heat waves. Then, it can work in conjunction with your air conditioning and help fresh air (from air conditioning) to be recirculated more efficiently in your home.

Finally, during a heat wave, the purifier allows you to ventilate your space during the evening and at night, which is essential in the event of extreme heat. Once the windows are closed in the early morning, the purifier will then allow you to rid this new air (which is certainly fresh but not necessarily less polluted) of all pollutants in a few minutes.

You can easily adapt your use of your AIRVIA Medical air purifier because it comes with a control terminal allowing you to consult the quality of your indoor air in real time. This will also reduce energy consumption. Ironically, the increased use of air conditioning at home, in the office, and in the car in a heat wave, consumes energy and has the effect of increasing pollution in the air.

In conclusion, an air purifier is by no means a miracle solution to fight against high temperatures. It is important to stay hydrated and prevent the sun's rays from entering your rooms thanks to blinds, curtains, or shutters.