How many hours per day should you use your air purifier ?

How many hours per day should you use your air purifier ?

An air purifier can clean the air inside a home, office, or any living space. A quality device is able to filter all of the most dangerous air pollutants to ensure healthy air throughout the day. Some questions that arise often are: Does it have to run continuously to be effective? How many hours a day should I use my device?

AIRVIA Medical explains how to properly use your air purifier and gives you more information on its recommended duration of use!

How to optimize the use of your purifier

Depending on its power and the size of your home, an air purifier can clean indoor air in minutes or hours. Our high-end purifier models are able to purify the air in your 100 m2 or even 150 m2 home in a few minutes. However, the sources of pollution are continuous: pollution from outside, chemical pollution from materials and textiles in our homes, air allergens (hair, pollen, dust mites, moulds), germs that circulate, fine particles emitted by our wood or oil stoves, cigarette smoke, etc. There are many examples and pollution renews in the home faster than you might think.

Even in accommodation located in the heart of a city, and even in the event of a peak in pollution, UK Parliament recommends that people open their windows to ventilate their accommodation morning and evening. Ideally, this should be done before or after morning and evening rush hours. In a home equipped with an air purifier, it is advisable to run the device at full power for a few minutes after each ventilation period. 

What does AIRVIA recommend in terms of use?

For professionals (offices, professional practices, restaurants) it is advisable to keep the purifier in automatic mode during opening hours and to turn it off when leaving.

For individuals, there is usually no need to use it for more than 2 to 3 hours per day. A typical use is to turn it on for one hour in both the morning and evening after having ventilated the space (after which having closed the windows). This duration is usually more than sufficient to maintain impeccable air quality. Of course, this should be adapted according to the situation. It is perfectly normal and advisable to use it longer if, for example, you want to protect yourself from stubborn cigarette odours from a neighbour, at night if you are allergic or asthmatic, or even continuously during a period epidemic.

The idea is to run the purifier long enough for the air quality to be good and to continue to stay that way.

The device is designed to last and you will be able to adapt your use yourself according to your situation, your state of health, and your air quality as indicated by our control terminal.

Monitor air quality in real time with AIRVIA Medical

This is precisely one of the great strengths of AIRVIA Medical products: all our models come with a way to monitor and control the air quality in real time. The AERO 100 and PRO 150 models come with a control terminal, while the AIRVIA CAR has a built-in display that syncs with the smartphone app via Bluetooth.


The control terminal helps you determine when and how to use your purifier. LEDs tell you in real time, after measurements made by very precise sensors. You can thus control the quality of your air at a glance, as well as view the air’s humidity and pollution levels (PM2.5 and formaldehyde content). This allows you to always know whether or not you need to clean your air. When all the lights are green, you can breathe easy and choose to turn your air purifier down or turn it off. Convenient, isn’t it? 

Automatic mode

Finally, our purifiers are all equipped with automatic mode. While this mode does not allow the machine to be turned on or off automatically, this mode adjusts the speed based on the pollution rate in real time. This ensures the best possible purification without disturbing air unnecessarily or wasting electricity.