About us

AIRVIA Medical is a professional and reliable company that has chosen to put air purification at the heart of its business. More and more British people are subject to allergies or respiratory diseases and simply want to breathe more freely.

AIRVIA Medical quality

Here at AIRVIA Medical quality is at the heart of everything we do. The air purifiers we sell are comparable in quality and efficiency to those used in laboratories, hospitals and science research centres.
Convinced by the quality of our own products, we chose to only offer a few models and accessories for air purification, all selected for their robustness, durability and performance.

A competent distributor

AIRVIA Medical is based in the south of France. We only handle the sale and distribution of our air purification products. We chose to remain specialised and focused on air purification to ensure optimal customer service and the 24/7 expertise of our dedicated team.
All purchases made on our site are subject to the terms and conditions applied in the UK. We make sure that all your payments are secure, that all of our deliveries are tracked, and that we only ship equipment that has passed our extensive Quality Assurance test.

More than just online retail

AIRVIA Medical wants to help all British people by offering air purification devices. Our values ​​and our philosophy are in line with that mission.
You can reach us by email or phone for any and all questions that you may have about our products. We will always listen to your needs and give you highly personal recommendations, allowing you to only purchase products that will be useful to you.