AIRVIA AERO 100 Air Purifier
AIRVIA AERO 100 Air Purifier AIRVIA AERO 100 Air Purifier AIRVIA AERO 100 Air Purifier

AIRVIA AERO 100 Air Purifier

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A smart design featuring a 360° air inlet

Our air purifier is the first purifier to ever offer a 360° cylindrical air inlet. Its concentric shape enables it to suck in all the air around it, unlike its competitors who offer a monofocal air intake. The AIRVIA AERO 100 Air Purifier is able to suck in and clean the air of your entire living room.

Optimal air circulation

The air is sucked in at the base, purified, and then ejected vertically at the top of the purifier. This prevents it from immediately sucking in the air that had just been cleaned. The air is vertically projected towards the ceiling which ensures optimal air redistribution. This clever way to handle air circulation is designed for greater efficiency and results in better and quicker air circulation.

If the indicator light turns to green, this means your air is healthy. When the purifier goes into automatic mode, it circulates the air without unnecessarily wasting energy filtering clean air.

Swift and efficient purification

The AIRVIA AERO 100 Air Purifier cleans the air inside your home and provides you with optimal efficiency for an area of less than or equal to 1000 ft² (100 m²). And yet it does not consume any more electricity than its competitors. It achieves this thanks to its more thoughtful and advanced design which relies on state-of-the-art filtering technologies.


No more fine particles thanks to ionization

Ionization is a technology that inverses the polarity of fine particles — all the way down to PM 2.5 and PM 0.1 — in order to remove them from your indoor air. AIRVIA Medical has chosen to work with negative ions which are very effective at targeting positively charged pollution particles, resulting in a more efficient purification of your air. It boasts a negative ion density of 20 million pcs / cm3. This technology can break down all the fine particles that degrade the quality of your air and that often lodge themselves directly in the alveoli of your lungs: tobacco smoke, particles produced by burning incense and candles, bacteria, viruses, etc. The ionization function can be easily disabled.

Photocatalysis and high-end sterilization

Our purifier takes the best of current technologies and combines them to help you breathe more freely. A photocatalysis process breaks down VOCs, pollutants and microorganisms using UV radiation. Our technology also takes advantage of an innovative sterilization process which relies on the lysozyme enzyme, a globular protein that lyses, or destroys, bacteria. Both options can be enabled or disabled by pressing their respective buttons.

A multi-component HEPA filter

Our HEPA filter takes the best of current filtration technologies. It is made of several layers, each more innovative than the other. Thanks to activated charcoal and bamboo fibre, in a single pass it filters over 99.95% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 μm. Our HEPA filter is H13 certified, ensuring that your air is cleaned of pollen, mould, dust and mites so you can breathe freely and preserve your health.

Pré-filtreFiltre Hepa H13Filtre de séparation des bactériesFiltre au charbon actifFiltre d’absorption avec tamis moléculairePurification par photocatalyseStérilisation aux UVPurification aux ions négatifs

Check air quality at a glance

Our autonomous Remote Control Display allows you to keep an eye on your air quality and understand what it is composed of. If the light is green, you can breathe in peace. When it turns red, you should turn your air purifier on and watch how fast it works to protect your health. The Remote Control Display also displays the room's humidity level, temperature and the level of chemical pollution (including formaldehyde). It uses a laser sensor to accurately analyse the ambient air on a regular basis.

Moniteur de contrôle

Enjoy silent purification

When in Sleep mode, the AIRVIA AERO 100 Air Purifier continues to clean your air while operating at minimal power in order to save energy. This reduces its speed and sound level, making it ideal for sleeping while still having your air purified. There are five different speeds which influence both the volume of air processed and the cleaning speed.

Purification test

The air is purified in a matter of seconds, even in extreme conditions. Fine particles are filtered and removed.

Technical Characteristics

Product Model AIRVIA AERO 100
Reference Number AERO100
Colour White & Black
Range of action Up to 100 m2
Particle CADR 503.1 m3/h
Formaldehyde CADR 162.2 m3/h
Particle CCM P4
Formaldehyde CCM P4
Purification efficiency High level (particles: 11.43 m3/(WxH))
High level (formaldehyde: 3.69 m3/(WxH))
Negative Ions Density 20 million pc/cm3
Input Voltage & Frequency AC 220V - 50Hz
Wattage Speed 1 : 3W
Speed 2 : 7W
Speed 3 : 15W
Speed 4 : 30W
Speed 5 : 48W
UV function (can be deactivated) : 5W
Fan Speeds 1-2-3-4-5 (5 sets)
Display Digital real-time display
Product Size (DIA x H) 312.5 x 627 mm
Net weight 9.4 kgs
Body material ABS Plastic
Filters Composite HEPA Filter (Weight:2.2kgs)
(Inner diameter x Outer diameter x Height:155x260x390mm)
HEPA Filter Composition Activated Charcoal and Bamboo fiber
Sensors Laser Dust Sensor
Formaldehyde Sensor
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Purification & Sterilization functions Ionization
Composite HEPA filter
Modified Activated Charcoal Adsorption
Photocatalysis decomposition using UV light
Lysozyme Sterilzation
Air Quality Indicator Excellent: Green; Good: Blue; Fair: Yellow; Bad: Red

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